Using CBD for Dogs

Can you think of any reason not to use CBD oil for dogs? Well, I can’t think of any. This oil has been proven safe for humans, and it’s equally safe for animals. In fact, there’s even a human clinical trial going on right now using CBD as a treatment for Alzheimer’s patients.

CBD oil which is made for the same purpose of healing pets, is very similar to that of us humans. But in the end the therapeutic process is only slightly different. For starters, smaller dogs tend to be a much smaller amount heavier than humans, which is a weight factor that’s usually taken into account when formulating the strength of the extract. That makes for a much more potent tincture.

The primary ingredient in CBD dog oil is Thc, which is an essential fatty acid. It has been proven to help provide relief from both anxiety and depression in pets. By making the dog’s nervous system less susceptible to erratic behavior, and reducing anxiousness, they can live more enjoyable lives. This oil has also been shown to help prevent and fight common diseases like bloat, kidney failure, epilepsy and arthritis. Click here for more information about best cbd oil for dogs.

As with humans, there are several different dosages which can be given to dogs. One of the most common is a daily dose of one teaspoon/8 ounces of water or beef broth. Additional dosages can be given as needed. However, keep in mind that larger doses will likely be required if your dog has a condition like hypoglycemia. If you suspect that your pet may be having a seizure or is otherwise ill, it’s best to err on the side of caution and administer smaller doses. Also, it’s important to consider that smaller doses can affect a dog’s appetite.

To ensure potency, pure CBD oil should be purchased from a reputable and established company. Many products are poorly made and produce very little or no CBD oil at all. If possible, find a company that sells CBD for dogs which limits its potency to a maximum of 15%. Since potency is the most important factor when choosing CBD supplements for your pet, this should be your first concern as well.

Given the current state of knowledge about the benefits of CBD for dogs, it seems reasonable to expect that using this supplement would have very few, if any, adverse side effects. Most dogs respond quite well to regular doses of this oil, with few recorded side effects being noted. If your dog is experiencing any negative side effects, stop giving him his dose and contact a veterinarian.