A Guide to Finding the Right Scholarship

The scholarship program for students is designed to provide financial assistance to those wishing to attend a U.S. college but are financially incapable of doing so. Any hesitation regarding studying abroad is often related to the financial cost alone. But what many students do not realize is that, they can actually use their existing on-campus financial support package to cover their study abroad travel as well as scholarships. While others are simply underused while some are quite competitive.

There are various types of scholarship opportunities for graduate students available in the United States. A good example of such scholarship opportunity is the National Science Scholarship Program (NSSP), which provides monetary awards to undergraduate students interested in pursuing graduate studies in landscape architecture. The NSSP awards more than $5000 each year to eligible graduate students. It is administered by the National Academy of Sciences, Office of Science and Technology Policy. This scholarship opportunity targets professionals with an interest in landscape architecture.

Another type of scholarship program for graduate students pursuing advanced degrees is the Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (LEAP). This program awards financial assistance to undergraduate students pursuing master’s or doctorate degrees in any field which has been identified as needing advanced educational initiatives. Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership scholarship foundations are administered by several colleges, universities, and technical schools. The National Association for Manufacturers Scholarship Program, which is administered by the North American Manufacturers Association is another example of a scholarship foundation. Learn more about hispanic scholarship fund their other services by visiting their official sites.

Many professional degree holders are also eligible for individual scholarships from professional organizations. A good example is the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), which awards scholarships each year to graduating seniors who are seeking advancement within the field of interior design. Graduate and undergraduate students may be eligible for scholarships from various professional organizations which provide funds to graduate and undergraduate students, providing monetary assistance. These scholarships cover tuition, housing, books, personal expenses, and study allowance.

One type of scholarship program for graduate students is the fellowships program, which awards financial awards to highly creative and successful individuals. Different kinds of fellowship programs award scholarships to people with different kinds of educational achievements. These include those with Ph.D., D.O.T. degrees. Fellowships are available from many colleges and universities.

Other scholarship program for graduate students may offer funding for online courses. A student may need to complete a course in computer science before he/she may apply for foundation scholarships. Foundation scholarships are awarded to deserving graduate students in the fields of science, math, computer science, engineering, biology, and physics. Students need to fulfill scholarship requirements and usually must maintain a minimum GPA throughout their course of study in order to maintain eligibility.