Majority of Korean smartphone owners use mobile payment service

First, the first receiving unit 121 wirelessly receives payment acceptance information of goods to be sold by the first mobile terminal 110 at the sales server 140 . The connection server 220 of the system 200 for approving the micropayment according to the second embodiment of the present invention shown in FIG. 3 is a system for approving the micropayment according to the first embodiment of the present invention shown in FIG. 2 for registering and authenticating the first mobile terminal , the second mobile terminal and the sales server as compared to the link server .

The web service company 3 requests the small payment company 7 for payment approval for the OTP and payment amount inputted by the user 1. The 휴대폰 소액결제 현금화 micropayment company 7 checks the OTP sent by the micropayment company 7 and makes a payment approval request to the mobile communication company 9. If payment is approved by the mobile communication company 9, the micropayment company 7 transmits the payment approval request result to the user 1 and the web service company 3.

However, the gamers lost their case in a regional court (, 2016). In Japan, there is gaming industry self-regulation that limits the expected cost of acquisition for a rare item to be less than $500 , or to disclose the probability when the expected cost exceeds $500 (, 2015). Davies and Blake designed an experiment to test the short-term effects of both the “shutdown” and the “fatigue” systems among South African gamers playing a commercial single-player RPG game.

The connection server 120 according to the first embodiment of the present invention may further include an authentication unit 126. [ A system 200 for approving a micropayment according to a second embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to FIG. If the settlement unit 125 does not receive the pseudo indication of the second mobile terminal 130 within a predetermined period of time or the payment amount of the goods exceeds the payment limit of the first mobile terminal 110, ) May refuse to pay for the goods. Here, the second mobile terminal 130 is a previously registered terminal and plays a role of finally determining payment for the payment acceptance requested by the first mobile terminal 110. However, there has not been disclosed a technique for restricting indiscriminate micropayment due to online game addiction or online shopping addiction in the above prior art documents. However, there are concerns regarding information and payment privacy when cards are used during online transactions.

I saw quite a bit of mobile payment systems in use in Korea last summer – there are 2 or 3 competing systems for doing retail POS payments. The government even uses embedded RFID in handsets to let you pay for trains, buses, and taxis through a system called T-Money. Also, a lot of websites let you bill micropayments to your cell phone, and they send a verification code by SMS that you need to enter on the site to complete the transaction. Internet gaming-related problems have often been reported in South East Asian countries, and intervention policies and treatment programs related to such problems have therefore been suggested and established in this region . Government-driven policies and intervention service systems have been conducted in South Korea since 2010. In response to the growing problem of Internet addiction, the South Korean government established the Internet Addiction Prevention & Resolution Comprehensive Plan , led by the National Safety Administration-affiliated agency of the MSIP under the National Informatization Act and Game Industry Promotion Act.

This can be done by punching in the numbers on the keypad, or registering your card details with the operator to use secure payment services such as Vodafone’s m-pay. Simpay has a yet-to-be-launched product that will allow payment at any portal site. As a consequence, the EPC is developing a standard for contactless mobile payments within the SEPA region. In contrast to the already circulating mobile payment solutions, the EPC focuses on contactless and remote mobile payments based on International Bank Account Numbers and Bank Identifier Code . The EPC is taking the initiative by involving all telcos and other stakeholders in the mobile payments process at an early stage. Nevertheless, current pilots indicate that there is still a long way to go for a single agreed mobile payments standard in the SEPA region.

Jones suggests that before micropayments at a UPOS become commonplace, we will have to get used to using mobile phones for other purchases. Initially this will focus on the purchase of digital content, already a live market with the sale of ringtones, games and video clips fast increasing. At this year’s GSM conference in Cannes, Disney showcased a series of 30-second cartoons.